Q2Q Capital Foundation

Q2Q Capital Foundation

Q2Q Foundation has a clear focus on backing change-makers who can transform the world.

Just as Q2Q Capital invests in assets that are fundamentally undervalued and misunderstood, the Q2Q Foundation focuses on backing individuals whose potential for shaping a better world has not yet been unlocked.

We think it’s wrong that personal financial concerns should be a barrier for anyone who want to commit themselves, in a faithful and professional manner, to projects and initiatives that can have a transformative impact on society. Therefore, at the heart of Q2Q Foundation’s approach is a direct and personal commitment to individual changemakers, or Q2Q Fellows, who possess these characteristics and share our ethics and values.

Our world doesn’t suffer from either a lack of great ideas or resources. The challenge lies in connecting resources to driven individuals with these powerful ideas so that their potential can be fully realised.

At Q2Q, therefore, there is a complete harmony between the core drivers in our business and philanthropic activities: a heartfelt commitment to transparency and integrity.

“Philanthropy isn’t an afterthought, it is an integral part of why we exist.”


Please contact us if you would like to participate in this year’s Q2Q Foundation Incubation Program. You can send your application to application@Q2Qfoundation.org.