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Q2Q Capital About Us

Uniting Capital with Purpose.

Originally conceived in 2011, the name Q2Q (Qalb to Qalb) is inspired by the Arabic word qalb (قلب), which means heart, and more generally refers to that which turns or fluctuates. In what are often volatile markets, our brand represents an honest and transparent relationship between the managers and providers of capital. It also encompasses our holistic investment philosophy which gives equal consideration to both qualitative and quantitative factors, enhanced by cutting edge technology.

Q2Q Capital is a leading investment firm whose founders have over 25 years of combined experience in hedge funds, private equity and equity capital markets advisory. The firm is known for its deep roots into multiple local governments in the EMEA region.

We are based in Dubai and London with a network of partners active in developed as well as selected emerging markets.

“At Q2Q, integrity is at the heart of the way we raise capital, the way we invest and the way we communicate.”

Message From Managing Director